Have you heard of this Malaysian herb called Dukung Anak or what’s in English “to carry a child”? Here are some details:

  • Scientific name: Phyllanthus niruri Linn (P fraternus Webster)
  • Local Names: Pokok Dukung Anak, Amin buah, Keman jolok
  • Characteristics: Grows on open, abandoned land and by the roadside or anywhere around the garden and even in pots with other plants.

Sound astonishing but if you look at this plant, you can actually see row of bead-like berries on the stems underneath the leaves – that’s how it has been accredited with such name. There are also the red  bead-like berries dukung anak which is smaller size than the usual one.

Dukung Anak is widely used in traditional medicine:

  • water boiled with the plant is taken to treat diarrhea
  • reported to lower hypertension and purify the blood
  • effective in healing wounds and scurf.
  • when boiled with goat’s milk and given to children or babies it is said to cure jaundice. It has been reported that hepatitis was cured when goat’s milk boiled with the plant was consumed for a period of 1-2 months.
  • according to scientific study, the plant contains a bitter compound, phyllanthin and hydrophyllanthin. Other compounds are tannin, saponine, phyltetralin, nirtetralin, niranthin and calcium oxalate.

Precaution: as Dukung Anak contains calcium oxalate, it is hazardous if taken by patients suffering from stones in the bladder.